¡Buen Viaje!
Bienvenidos a la clase de espanol! Welcome to Spanish class! Spanish is a very important language in the world. It is the third most spoken language in the world, behind English and Chinese. As we begin our adventure together learning the Spanish language, it is important to know about the countries where Spanish is the official language. You are about to discover and explore the Spanish-speaking countries of the world! As you are on your journey, be sure to tell us where the country is, what the country is like, what kinds of foods the people eat and the sites you can see while you are there. Feel free to include any other information that interests you, like music, art, sports, famous people and celebrations. You should include photos, videos, hyperlinks and whatever else that will make the country page come alive for your visitor. See the following list for specific suggestions on what you should include on your countries' pages:
-a map of the country
-a picture of the country’s flag
-the location of the country (What continent? What are the countries that border the country? Is it located on a body of water?)
-the capital of the country
-the major cities of the country
-geographical features of the country
-the climate, seasons and weather of the country
-the population of the country
-the government of the country
-the currency the country uses
-the customs of the country
-traditional foods of the country
-type of clothing worn in the country
-different holidays and traditions that are celebrated by the people of the country
-important cultural sites located in the country
-tourist attractions that should be seen while visiting the country
-famous people from the country
-art and music from the country
-popular sports or activities of the country
-other interesting facts about the country

Before you get started, please work together to create a main page with all of the Spanish-speaking countries so that visitors can navigate easily throughout your wiki. You will be working collaboratively on all of the country pages. Everyone's contributions are valuable, so por favor, be respectful of work that your peer has done. If you have an idea on how to improve on something, you should discuss it as a group and make the best decision for the group. You will be receiving an individual grade according to your participation, contributions and quality of work. The class will also receive a grade for the whole wiki, so work cooperatively and put forth your best effort! Remember, the whole world will see your wiki, so you want it to be the best that it can be. Also, be sure to cite all of your sources.

Check out this video - it's a collage of images from Spanish-speaking countries with Victor Hugo singing "La Mujer Perfecta." It's sure to get you moving!